10 Most Efficient Tools to Master Your CV

Guest Blog from Linda Craig:


There are online tools to help you design your resume, tools to help inspire you, tools to help you create a visually attractive resume, and there are even tools that will write it for you. Here are ten of the most efficient CV making tools on the Internet.
1 – Kickresume

The biggest selling point for this tool is that you are able to create your resume within just ten minutes, though you will have to have your information ready to put on the CV tool, otherwise it is going to take longer. You may pull information from LinkedIn too. It allows you to save your resume on your computer so it is ready to send whenever you need it.

2 – Vizualize.me

This tool allows you to create a resume in the form of an Infographic. It is very easy to use, and it has numerous features that are geared towards job skills and life skills that may be useful to your future employer. You are able to create attractive and easy-to-follow Infographics that will show off your finest features in the most efficient way. You can use it as your resume, or attach it as a summary of your resume.

3 – Flavors.me

This is a tool you can use to build your online CV. It helps you create your own website that is based around you, giving people a flavor of yourself. Create your own URL, set up your analytics, and promote yourself online. Instead of your CV sending people to your social media profiles, send people to your personal website that doubles over as your online Resume.

4 – Kinzaa

With this resume builder, you are able to add information from your LinkedIn profile, or you can add your own information. It very heavy on design, but that is not always a bad thing. Many modern resumes are a little plain and clinical, and even though it is not recommended that your resume be a work of art, there are still people that enjoy a design-heavy resume if it is framed and structured in the right way. So long as the content is as impressive as the design, then there shouldn’t be a problem.

5 – Assignmentmasters

Have your CV written by a series of experts. They have numerous writing experts and industry gurus working for them. They are able to assign people in your desired industry to your resume. The writer is able to communicate in a way that your future employer will understand. The Assignmentmasters writers are also able to create very catchy, powerful and high-impact text for your resume. Their service is especially handy if you need to write numerous resumes for different types of jobs. Plus, there is nothing stopping you from sending the resume they write to numerous employers.

6 – Cvmaker

The CV maker tool is a fairly intuitive resume maker for people that are technically experienced–which is most people these days. Enter your data into the tool and it fashions it into a CV for you. Add a few edits, pick a few features, save and download it. You can download your CV as a PDF file too, which is very handy because it avoids the initial file conversion troubles you get with other file formats.

7 – My Perfect Resume

This is an online resume builder. You choose your design and add your own data into it. You can even insert their pre-written examples. You may then download or print your resume ready to end off to employers. The fun and unique element is the fact they have pre-written samples that you can add into your resume to give it a little more content and impact. Many of the samples are generic and will only require small changes to make them effective.

8 – ConnectCV

Here is a feature-rich resume builder you may use on your desktop device and on your mobile phone. Plus, it allows you to share your information on social media, which is not a great idea from a security standpoint, but it will get your information out there for free into a place where future employers may see it.

9 – Easel.ly

Here you are able to create your resume as an Infographic. It is all the rage at the moment, and many HR teams view such an idea as very helpful. They say they are able to get through far more resumes far quicker, to the point where they do not pay as much attention to applications that do not feature some sort of Infographic attachment. Share ideas, provide information about yourself, and show your future employer what you have to offer in a compact and high-impact way.

10 – ResumUp

If you take a look at their website, you will see that design is one of their strong points. The website is very well made and designed, and you may use it to create your own stylish and high-impact resume. It is very easy to use and fairly intuitive for most tech-savvy people.




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