6 Reasons Why NEETs Should Pass Their Test Even If They Don’t Have A Car

Guest Blog from Erika Bergeson: 

Many teenagers dream of the day that will be old enough to learn to drive. They start their driving lessons, and then start to think about which car they would like. They often look at the cars that their family and friends are driving, or what they think is cool! Some put off learning to drive, because they cannot afford a car, but they could still go ahead and learn quite easily.

Job Opportunity – One good reason for learning to drive young, is the fact that it can be added to your CV. This could prove to be a valuable asset to have when the time comes to looking for a career opportunity. If you can already drive, you can look further afield for employment and worry about getting a car to use, once you have got the position. Make sure you choose the right profession though, as car insurance can be higher if you do an at risk job!

Car Insurance – Did you know that by learning to drive young, and passing your test, will actually help you to get cheaper insurance than if you wait until you are older. By waiting until you can afford a car, you are not gaining anything. The longer that you hold a full driving licence can reduce the cost of your insurance.  Parents can add you to their car insurance, and may get it a lot cheaper than you getting it independently. This will also help you to gain more driving experience until you can afford a car.

Driving Lessons – The longer that you wait to learn to drive, will push up the cost of your driving lessons. They increase annually, and offers that are available for driving lessons now, will not be as cheap this time next year.  You now have to take your Theory Test and Hazard Perception Test, which are presently available to practice online for free with several websites. This may not be the case in another year.  National driving schools, such as Drive Dynamics, give you free access to practice on your Theory and Hazard Perception tests as often as you like, when learning to drive with them, so why wait?  You may find that the cost of your driving test also increases again, and yet again you will have missed out!

Time To Learn – As you leave school and start a career, or go to University, time is not always available for driving lessons. This is another good reason for you take your lessons as a teenager.  You have 13 weeks holiday per year from school, and always arrive home before tea time, so there are plenty of opportunities to learn to drive. If you do not set aside time, you will regret it later on in life, and miss out. If you cannot fit in lessons over long periods of time, then you could look at an intensive driving course to lessen the time.

Independence And Maturity – Imagine how you would feel walking into school or college and announcing to everyone that you had passed your driving test. You would finally have the independence you desired, to get out and about, without having to ask for lifts everywhere. You can sweet talk Mum and Dad to lend their car, and the world is your oyster! It also makes you feel like an adult instead of just being another teenager. You are different, you can drive!

Ability To Learn – Children always have a natural ability to learn and soak up knowledge presented to them. This ability carries on right through your teenage years, and the Theory and Hazard Perception Test is easier for teenagers to memorise. Whilst in education, they learn new concepts quicker, and have the ability to remember things.  As you get older, and you start work, get married, start a family, you find it harder to memorise things. This is a good reason for teenagers to learn to drive, as they are willing to practice and learn driving skills, and are sharper minded to remember the skills taught to them.

Learning to drive at any age gives you independence, and is a great asset to have, but you will benefit more if you learn when younger. The scope it will give you in life is invaluable.


About the Author: Ericka Bergeson is a passionate business coach for small to medium sized businesses. When she isn’t working, she loves to write about a variety of topics, including business.



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