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Neet Ideas was started up by me, Jo, in 2009 to blog about the world of recruitment and extreme (and sensible) job hunting tactics. Most importantly, it’s a guide for job seekers on how to market YOURSELF to companies.

My career has included marketing consultancy and management, team management and before all that, I was a recruitment consultant.  With a degree in Applied Psychology, gained before I entered the world of marketing, I’ve also got the benefit of many years experience of reading CVs, interviewing, being interviewed myself and also know how to apply those strategic marketing principles used in business, to help people actually market themselves.

I wanted to set this website up to give some straight forward handy hints and tips to job seekers. It’s a tough market out there, whether you are under (or over) 24, changing careers or facing life after redundancy. Having been in all three categories at one time or another, I’ve picked up a few coping strategies along the way! It was following redundancy during the biting recession of 2009 that I decided to start writing this blog to help ex-colleagues in the same boat.  As I was pregnant at the time and knew that potential employers wouldn’t exactly put me at the top of their candidate shortlist (no matter what the law says), I decided to set up my own business. That’s where self marketing came in handy. I had to market both myself AND the new business to bring in clients.

On a personal note, I’m a mum of one and wife of another, living near Ely in Cambridgeshire. I enjoy all things wildlife and the great outdoors. Unless it’s raining, in which case I stay in.  I’m six feet tall, can’t walk in heels unless I’m next to a wall and have a dog called Amber who once won a rosette for her “dead trick”.

Please feel free to leave comments on the blog. Or, submit your own article for free!  Guest blogging is a great way to publicly demonstrate your experience. Stories are welcome from job seekers, apprentices or business owners who would like to share their recruitment tips. Or, experts such as Life Coaches or HR professionals who would like to share their knowledge on topics such confidence building motivation and interviewing  with job hunters. All credits will be yours and we’ll put a link it to your website.

If you would like to submit an article for consideration then email me jo@neetideas.co.uk for more information or contact me via LinkedIn





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