Be confident! Part Three – AFTER the interview

Hopefully you were successful and landed the job but what should you do AFTER an interview to stay confident if things didn’t go so well?

1. You may be feeling disappointed but first thing is DON’T take it personally! Stay positive.

2. Ask the employer/recruitment agency for feedback. Although is may be tough to hear it’s vital to know where you can improve for interviews in the future. Keep persisting with recruitment agencies as they can be slow to return feedback calls to candidates that didnt get through.

3. Don’t beat yourself up over things you should have said/could have answered better etc. Yes it’s good to know what you can improve but if you dwell on it, then it will be at the back of your mind for the next interview. Let it go and move on!

4. Don’t keep letters of rejection. I knew one guy who kept all his rejection letters in a file. Why do that ? Just to depress yourself?

5. Pick up the jobs paper, hit google or call round agencies to ensure that you are continuing the search for the next opportunity. Don’t sit about feeling sorry for yourself.

6. Read through your list of strengths and achievements and remind yourself of all the things you are good at.

7. As my Dad always says “What’s meant for you won’t go by you”. Obviously this job was just not meant to be and you’ll find a much better one soon!

So, stay positive and keep looking!

Good luck!



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