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If you’re a professional sportsman or woman then it seems only natural for you to invest in a personal coach or trainer to take you to the next level and be the best you can.  The same thinking however is often not applied to candidates looking for a job and many candidates fall short in interviews because of lack of confidence, or they don’t know how to sell themselves to the best of their ability.  Using a coach can be a great way of boosting your job prospects, especially with the job market being crowded and competitive.

The truth is, that whatever aspect of your life you wish to improve, it’s likely that life coaching will be able to help you in some way.  Whether you wish to enhance your work performance and career opportunities or you are looking to boost your confidence and get your motivation back these are all areas that a professional coach can help you with.  Let’s look at some of these areas in more detail.

Listed below are a few specific areas for which Life Coaching is renowned for addressing:

Career Coaching

It may be that you’ve spent years performing in the same job role or been stuck in a role that hasn’t fulfilled you for some time.  Either way you may find that you have begun to lose motivation and the passion you once had for the role you are in.  In reality very few of us will achieve our ‘dream job’ and we have to remember the practicalities of why we need to go to work and often sideline the path we wish to pursue.

We may enter a job with good intentions of pursuing what we really want at a later and more convenient time but many of us never get around to doing this.

There are many reasons why people suddenly feel stagnant and unfulfilled and life coaching is a valuable tool which enables individuals to review their options and make positive changes in their careers which could provide a new found energy for their role or alter the direction in which they are heading.  A coach can help you re-assess what your goals and passions are and how you can use your dreams in a realistic situation to get back to enjoying what you do now or find a way to move from that role into something that will offer you long term fulfilment.

Confidence & Self Belief Coaching

Confidence is a vital asset for succeeding in the job market.  Not enough of it and you won’t put yourself forward for roles for fear of failure and too much of it and you may find yourself coming across as cocky and over confident in interviews.  This is an area of our persona that many of us need to work on but in reality don’t know where to start. Suffering from low self-esteem and a lack of self-confidence can have a huge impact on a person’s professional and personal life, often resulting in individuals not feeling as though they possess the qualities needed to achieve their goals.

The word confidence means something different to everyone. For some it may be the ability to give a speech in front of friends and family at a wedding, to others it may be about applying for a promotion or presenting an idea to a group of colleagues. Confidence is all about having belief in yourself and this is something coaching could help with.

By using a coach to help boost your confidence and self belief you may find yourself going for the ultimate promotion at work that could just be the dream job you’ve always wanted.  Confidence coaching can help you to turn these visions into reality by working with you to form a programme by using certain techniques such as setting empowering goals to help keep you on track for obtaining that perfect job or role.

Using a coach to improve your job prospects in the employment market can only be a win win situation for you and will help you move to achieving your desired outcome and also enhancing your CV as you may discover new talents or skills through hobbies that you have previously been reluctant to try.



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