Top 6 Fastest-Growing Industries to Look for Jobs

IBISWorld, the market researcher who each year produces an extensive report on the fastest-growing industries, suggests that this year there will be a great number of job possibilities in a selection of diverse sectors. It is not surprising that the Internet commerce is constantly on the rise, and nowadays so popular, business sectors surrounding personal fitness and green living have also made it into the researcher’s top list of the fastest-growing industries in 2013. With this in mind, perhaps you will want to hop on the bandwagon and consider looking into job opportunities in some the following business sectors.

1. Online Optical Industry

Today it is possible to purchase more or less anything online and it is predicted by market experts that sales of eyewear and contact lenses online will continue to boom in the upcoming years. New technologies are enabling customers to upload their photos and virtually try on glasses in order to better understand how they will look with their new purchase on. All these technological advances are opening many new job opportunities for tech-savvy employees, as can be seen by the jobs currently open at companies like Luxottica .

2. Game development for Social Networks

Social networking is one of the biggest crazes of our time and online games offered by social networks like Facebook are currently giving the gaming industry a valuable stake in the hype. They offer free games in a period in which game consoles are a luxury for many. These free games then conveniently profit from on-screen advertising placed on their websites. Experts suggest that industry will continue to expand at a rate of 22% annually. So if you are a IT specialist or a software developer consider looking into job openings in this fast-growing industry, for example in companies like or Zynga .

3. Sustainable Building

Experts suggest that the demand for “green” buildings will continue to rise greatly in the years to come. Energy-efficient buildings are both fashionable and crucial to our environment, and many government incentive programs enable corporations to design, construct and maintain their buildings responsibly. Green building industry is expected to grow at a rate of 22.8% on an annual basis, so although the construction industry has suffered after the global economic crisis, there will be a significant increase in job opportunities in this specific sector. .

4. Pilates and Yoga

These days Pilates and Yoga are both very trendy exercise regimes. The popularity has also increased due to pregnant women seeking an affordable way to keep fit alongside the many companies that offer incentives to their employees should they join fitness clubs. It’s suggested that this industry’s revenue will increase by 4.8% annually. So if you are a yoga or Pilates instructor you have a pretty good chance in finding a job in a local gym.

5. Solar Power Industry

Solar panels are a great way to help preserve the environment whilst saving money in a more long-term scale. This “green” industry has so far grown at an average annual rate of 32.3% in the last decade and experts predict that it will continue to grow. So there is a job increase expected in all the sectors of the solar power industry.

6. 3D Printer Manufacturing

3D printers have a great number of advantages and possibilities in the modern age. Led by the famous Replicator, these machines allow for the conversion of digital files into three dimensional objects that can then be used by architects, healthcare therapists, and fashion and jewellery designers. Experts suggest that this industry will grow at around 14% pace annually in the upcoming years.

If you’re currently looking to enter into the world of work then is it well worth considering exciting job opportunities offered by these fastest-growing industries.

Emily Jones is a recent graduate of London Metropolitan University with a great interest in career development and education. She enjoys writing for the Web, and hopes one day she will make the big jump to top-level printed press.


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