Five Resources To Help You Secure Your First Job

Securing a job in today’s employment market is a numbers game. The more applications you send out, the more likely you are to hear back, secure an interview and hopefully land your first job. Although at times the whole process of searching and applying for work might seem a little demoralising, it’s important to remember that persistence will definitely pay off.

If you’ve just finished college or graduated from university, then chances are you might be feeling a little apprehensive towards the world of work. So, to make your life easier and to help you during the application process, here are five top resources to use the next time you continue your job hunt. With the correct tools at your disposal, you will find it easier to secure yourself the position you’re after.

1. Social media

About ten years ago, social media was only really in its initial development stages. Even when most people were getting used to this medium, they wouldn’t have used it to seek job opportunities. However, times have changed and using social media today could just be the resource you need to land your very first job.

One of the most common social networks, Twitter, allows you to follow recruitment agencies and companies that you’re interested in working for. It also allows you to search for specific industries, influential people, and keep an out for relevant vacancies as soon as they become available.

LinkedIn also incorporates similar functions and in addition allows you to display your skills, experience and previous employment on your profile page (which essentially acts an online CV). Start using these two social networks alongside Facebook and see if you can find vacancies to apply for.

2.   Mobile apps 

As you won’t always be sat at your desk, constantly waiting for new job offers to appear, why not stay updated on the latest opportunities through mobile apps? There are plenty of recruitment companies and agencies that offer mobile apps to download straight to your smartphone. In doing so you can look for work on the move and even apply for jobs with your latest CV, all at the touch of a few buttons on your mobile phone.

Mobile apps are a great resource to keep checking on a regular basis when you have a spare few minutes during your day.

3.   Recommendations

The reason why this resource is mentioned time and time again is because it’s still incredibly valuable during your initial job search phase. Asking friends how they managed to secure their own job, what resources they used and generally asking for advice will allow you to refine your own search techniques.

Seeking advice will also allow you to network and find out about potential positions. If you connect with people then they can also pass on recommendations directly to you, so the process can work both ways.

Remember that there’s no harm in asking and doing so could result in a few extra ideas that you’ve never tried before. As mentioned the whole process is a numbers game, so the more resources you are aware of and using, the better.

4.   Create job alerts  

Where possible, create job alerts to notify you when a specific position is available. This can be done through job board sites and in addition a great tool to use is Google Alerts. The latter will allow you to enter a search query and then receive emails relevant to that specific term on a frequent basis. So for example, entering ‘electrician job Surrey’ will potentially allow you to receive the latest opportunities for this particular position in Surrey.

As you will already be checking your emails for any replies to your applications, it will be easy to see if Google has sent you any new notifications. Again this is another great resource you can use to find the very latest vacancies and get your application in early.

 5.   Professional and industry associations

Finally, work out if there are any specific associations relating to the industries that you are looking to work in. It’s likely that there will be and if you do come across any, be sure to keep a close eye on their websites and follow them on social media in order to spot the most up-to-date opportunities first.

Although there are individual jobs sites and even graduate specific websites, professional associations are sometimes the best places to look because they are industry focussed. They are also trusted resources, meaning that other companies connected with that industry are likely to use them to promote their vacancies.

Final thoughts

Whether you are just about to start the jobs application process or you have already sent out a handful of CVs, don’t forget to use the above resources. If you are set up to receive and view offers from more than one primary source then more opportunities will be presented to you.

From here it’s over to you to ensure that you create an engaging cover letter and CV prompting an employer to invite you along to an interview. Best of luck in your own applications, remember that hard work pays off and you will be able to secure your first job if you stick at it.

This post was created on behalf of Ageas 50 Careers who offer specialist career opportunities in sales and service, claims handling and other disciplines.




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