Funniest and Worst Interviews – Part Two

More fine examples of the funniest and worst interview experiences from the Linked In/Personal Marketing survey!

  • I had a candidate cry during an interview. The question that started his waterworks was “So, tell me about your last job.” Ouch.
  • When I asked the candidate what he considered to be his greatest strength, literally after about two loooong minutes of complete silence while he thought about it, he told me it was his ‘communication skills’. I had to do anything I could just to prevent myself from laughing!
  • I remember interviewing one person for a Technician/Engineer position, he had very little clue about imperial measures, but even though we are officially metric, we use imperial measurements extensively, so I asked him..”How many feet in a yard?”…his answer was “well, it depends on how many people are in the yard”
  • Candidate’s question at interview with client, for a Chief Operating Officer position: “How long is the waiting period before psychological counselling will be covered by the group insurance?”
  • Candidate said:  “I was I didn’t want to come off as hyper so I smoked some weed before the interview.”
  • So today, I asked, “Why do you want to work for our company?”. Her response was, “Well it is a big building”… and she left it at that. Later on, I then asked her another standard interviewing question, “What are some characteristics you would use to describe yourself”. Her response was, “Umm, well, I can’t think of anything”. Last question was, “are you currently working full-time?”. Her response: “Yes, except for the 2 days I don’t work”…
  • The candidate who told me how he coped with workplace stress by going home and crying into his pillow.
  • We had one candidate clip his TOENAILS in the interview. He thought he was alone in the conference room which he was, but the room was monitored. We know this because we had closed circuit cameras in the conference room. He was there waiting and just by chance the receptionist peeked on the monitor to see if he was OK, and there he was, foot on the table, clipping away.
  • Half way through the interview day the candidate asked how much longer she would be there. She said it was close to her nap time and she needed a cigarette. It was 1130am.
  • I once had a female candidate turn up with a hairy chin. “You’ll have to excuse the chin”, she said. “I am just off to get it waxed at the salon after I’ve finished here”.
  • After the interview concluded, I went back to my office to find it stinking of  urine. I looked at the chair the applicant was sitting in, and you guessed it… a puddle.
  • One of my favourite closing questions is often, “When preparing for this interview what was the one question you hoped I wouldn’t ask and how would you answer it?” The candidate responded with a really tough question, one I would never have thought to ask. So, I then I inquired, “and what is your answer?” His response was, “I wish you hadn’t asked me that.”

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