How to get the salary you want

In the current period of recession, getting a satisfactory dream job seems closer to impossible. Since there is a crunch in job openings, quite often, one has to make compromise on one aspect or another; be it salary package, working environment or HR. One can not expect everything to go at desired pace.

Furthermore, even if you get a job that caters to your necessities, then there is no guarantee that you will be getting a favourable salary. At times, circumstances arise when candidates usually settle down for a low salary in view of the fact that they may not get a better opportunity next time.

But, folks! Give it a thought once! Don’t you think that when you have successfully cleared an interview and have been selected for a particular profile, then at that very moment, your credibility for that job is justified, whether you are looking for a job in IT as career or healthcare jobs

So, always leave some room for salary negotiations and rest assured that conversations really work. Another question may arise here, on the right way to approach seniors for a good starting package or income hike, if you are an existing employee.  To put an end to all these queries, below compiled is a list of few meaningful tips to get the salary you want. Have a glance!

  1. Realise your Value: Thoroughly evaluate your real worth, by analysing your capabilities, job responsibilities and the designation, you are asked to work from. At no point of time, should you feel that you are being exploited by the employer.For this, you can surf the Web or take opinion from peers about the expected money, usually paid for that job profile.
  1. Leave a Room for Bargaining: Quote a comparatively higher amount, because negotiations are always involved, during interviews. If you ask for a low salary in the very beginning itself, then your chances of getting the desired amount are greatly reduced. For instance, ask around 20% more than the amount you will be ready to settle at.
  1. Lay Emphasis on your Achievements: You must understand that recession period is going on.  If, on one hand, businesses are facing manpower crunch, then, on the other end, they are witnessing an acute shortage of resources to feed their workforce, as well. In such hard times, if you expect to be paid well, you need to validate your worth before the interviewer.Present your skills, qualifications and achievements before them, so that they are bound to hire you and pay well.
  1. Mind your Language: Your tone matters a lot! Choose right words, be gentle and address the employer, as if you are already part of their organization. It gives an impression of involvement, on your part. Keep a check that your language is not insulting, at any point during the course of conversation.
  1. Be Assertive to a limit: Just like in normal routine, nobody is willing to agree, until you give them enough reasons to do so. Therefore, be assertive and convincing at the same time, to substantiate your credibility for the post.

Remember, whether we talk about IT jobs or some other sector, a good job and well paying salary are two sides of a coin and may or may not go hand-in-hand. So, make your choices wisely.


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