How to be your own life coach

Stop press! We are in a recession. How sick and tired are you of hearing about this sustained economic down turn? In times like this it is important to remain positive, it is important to take every facet, skill and ability we have and turn it to our advantage. Not only to obtain new careers, but to better the job that you are already in and improve your personal well- being.

There is a lot of advertisement  about life coaching and why we should invest in it to improve our lives; from our doorstep to our offices. Though as much good work as these people do, I do not believe that they are nearly as required as they think they are. Every one of us is able to be our own life coach, merely by thinking properly, remaining calm and doing the right things for the right reasons. This enables us to maintain a state of mind that we are both content and happy with, whatever our material situation may be.

The following is my guide as to how to simply thinking things through, remain positive, and see the best in a bad situation to keep you emotionally and spiritually and well equipped. Invaluable tools for life.

The most important thing in being your own life coach, is constantly reminding yourself of what is important to you.  It has been said that if one doesn’t know what is important, you should take all you have from yourself  and ask yourself again in a few days. Your answers will most likely be not that of material possessions but ambition and the love of those closest to you.

So how do you reach your ambition and contentment?

First, set yourself a goal – but don’t aim directly for the end result. You need to work your way up the ladder one rung at a time. It takes thought, planning, precision, and commitment. Without the magic three, you may as well drop to your knees.

You have to fight through the currents and streams, paddling into the deep to hit the buoy. Its about getting from A to B  and back again. Getting from yourself as you are today, to absolution and back to reality with a new frame of mind.  You can tell yourself how good you are, how capable you are, not needing someone else boosting your ego for you. You can do it all yourself with the power of will. Willpower is the key and with a few daily exercises you can hold that power in your hands.

One exercise could be keeping a personal journal, mapping your journey from where you are now to where you want to be. It is a great tool for reflection and learning. You can keep it as informal or formal as you wish with bullet points or phrases which depict your progress. The point is be honest.

Another idea is the encouragement of one’s inner self. This can be done in several ways one: write three positive things on your mirror or a notepad such as I am beautiful, I am confident, I am…, I can… and I will… . Then say these things out loud to yourself three times per statement and by the end of the fifth day this will start to convey through your outer self.

You could also do a life S.W.O.T  analysis which is simply an assessment of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities available to you and the threats towards you. Conducted properly you can then decide how your strengths and opportunities will prevail over your weaknesses.

In life you only have three options: “Give up”,  “Give in” or “Give it all that you’ve got”.  Only you can decide your future.

With that I wish you good will and good luck!

If you are a life coach, please feel free to add your comments!



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