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Payroll is an extremely competitive industry, with a great deal of candidates searching for work in payroll and a lot of interest in the top payroll positions. As with the vast majority of careers, there is no substitute for experience. However, there are a number of top tips and hints which can be followed to give you the best possible chance of securing your ideal payroll position.

Interviews are daunting to many people, but they do not have to be. Learn to see an interview as a showcase of your skills, rather than a test. By following these simple tips to interview success, you give yourself an excellent chance of leaving a lasting impression on your interviewer and securing the payroll position of your dreams.


Confidence is especially important for payroll manager jobs, as you will have to successfully manage a payroll team through the many challenges the position brings. With strong competition likely for any payroll position, exuding confidence in your interview will help you stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression on your potential employer.

Knowledge of the company

Researching in depth about the company you are applying to work for can help you to demonstrate your skills which are most relevant to their needs. For example, if the company has workers in several different countries, knowledge and experience of running an expat payroll would give you a significant advantage. Similarly, if you are applying to a smaller company, explain how your skills could help the business to progress and expand.

Demonstrate your experience

Stating your experience on your CV is all very well and good, but how does it demonstrate in practice? Come prepared with examples of how you have previously produced positive results, as well as how you dealt with any challenges or struggles which may have arisen over the course of your payroll career. Qualifications are important, but showing how you have been successful previously is certain to leave a positive impact on your employer.

Ask questions

Nothing demonstrates interest and knowledge of the company better than asking relevant questions about your position and the business. While you should always avoid salary related issues, positive and relevant questions demonstrate you care about the position and have put effort into the application process.

Standing out from the payroll recruitment crowd

Following the advice above should help to give you the edge in an interview for a payroll position. Getting an interview in the first place can be a challenge, but it is important not to get disheartened and give up. The overwhelming majority of businesses require a payroll department, and as such there are numerous opportunities for employment.

If you have made several unsuccessful applications, try making slight changes to your CV and sending them out to employers. This will give you an insight into which versions of your CV work best, helping you to impress potential employers and developing your CV into a more employable state.


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