How To Get Yourself Out There

Guest post: Amber Waddy from Job Zoo, describes how to stand out from the crowd and get noticed in an overcrowded job market:

It’s hard for many job seekers today to stand out from the crowd, and to find a place that’s right for them. I struggled for several months trying to find anyone that would have me, and yet I was still failing to get anywhere. The trick isn’t only having experience, you need to have a certain sparkle about you to keep employers interested in you here after. So, what can you do? Well, I’ve compiled a short list of the basics which should give you a good kick start.

Get Your Files In Order

Everyone always tells you that you need a creditable CV to get anywhere, but that’s only half the battle. Having a great cover letter is also rather important as this is your opportunity to shine. You have to put across not only your skills and desires, but also your personality and sense of self. In my opinion, a CV will never show people who you really are, so a cover letter would be ideal. It’s not a one to one conversation, but it’s certainly a start. All CV’s look the same after a while, even to job seekers, so one thing that can give you a fighting chance is to change the look of your CV once in a while. If not for your potential future employer, then for your sanity. There are plenty of nice looking layouts around the web, so be sure to have a sufficient peruse.

Do Your Research

Some people know what their preferred sector is when it comes to employment, but not many people try to reach certain companies unless a vacancy is listed. I spent months just looking as a whole instead of approaching companies individually which eventually hindered me. I’ve got news for you people… you don’t have to wait. They have to hold onto your CV for a short while whether they currently have positions or not, so your details will always be close by. I’ve had a few incidents where I applied for a vacancy assuming they’d say no, and they’ve proved me wrong more than once. You also need to show them that you have a genuine interest in the company itself. This can be done by following them through social media, using their services regularly or even a little bit of promotion on your part. The more enthusiasm for the brand you exude, the more likely they are to notice.

Go The Extra Mile

If you’re anything like me, you prefer to do what’s needed and nothing more. That isn’t a forward thinking strategy, as I’ve found. They don’t expect the world of you, but if there is something you can do that will benefit both you and the company then all the more for it! This can be from something as simple as unpaid work experience to volunteering at one of their events. If you can show them that you’re keen, and like the work they do, then the chances are they’ll start to buddy up to you. Once you gain their trust and friendship they are much more likely to tell you if new positions are coming up. I know plenty of people that have gained a job because they had previously volunteered their services, including the likes of my own mother.

Finding a new job will always be a bit of a chore, especially when you’ve been on the market for a while. However it is not impossible to get what you what, as long as you remember what you need to do. For more information about CV’s, cover letters, volunteering and other handy job tools have a look around the web for tips, guides and other such resources.

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Job Zoo was created with the primary purpose of giving young people, school leavers, grads/post grads and first time jobbers the best chance of finding that dream job. They provide users with job listings, CV templates and much more.


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