Guest blog: How to write a good cover letter


Guest blog from Debbie Gingell, Career Coach at Leg Up Careers

A good cover letter is one more opportunity to sell yourself!

Many job seekers view the cover letter as a mere courtesy and will write one or two lines to accompany their CV or application form. This is a missed opportunity!

Whilst it’s not a good idea to overload the recipient with reading material, a brief structured letter will definitely grab the interest of the reader, especially if you highlight your unique selling points that match the job specification!

Some top tips…

No more than 4 brief paragraphs:

 Brief introduction – please find my application for above position etc

 Paragraph 2 – This role particularly appeals to me…

 Paragraph 3 – I have worked within Logistics for 14 years and have extensive experience in (state what)

 Conclusion – I believe I would be a real asset to your organisation (state why) and hope to be invited to interview to discuss the opportunity further.


Things to be careful of:

 There are some jobs that require a letter of application to be submitted along with an application form, particularly within the education sector. Treat this type of letter very differently. What the employer is after is a personal statement, but in a letter format.

 Do not repeat information or copy and paste from your personal statement or application form

 Don’t be tempted to write too much

 Ensure you include what will sell you the most – if is the brand of the company you currently work, make reference to it, if it is your qualifications that make you stand out, then highlight these. You really have to be selective in order to keep it punchy and brief.


About Debbie Gingell:

Throughout my career, I have worked with people from a variety of backgrounds including: students, senior business executives, refugees, mums returning to work, ex-offenders and long term unemployed. I have worked hard to support people who need to secure their first/next job or University place and genuinely love what I do!

We are all unique individuals and I believe that it is important for us to secure the right job because it can lead to a sense of worth and personal satisfaction. My freelance work involves professional CV writing and career coaching for the Times Education Careers Department in London. Providing local and on line career advice and support via Leg up careers, and working with students at an Independent School in Cambridge, supporting students with their University applications and career decisions.

I am extremely committed to helping people to overcome barriers to employment so that they can move forwards and become more successful!

Feel free to email me on: or visit


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