How to use LinkedIn for jobhunting


Social media is one of the fastest growing ways of landing yourself a job, or developing your career further through networking “virtually”.

Linkedin is by far the fasted growing network site for professionals and businesses world wide and the most useful features for jobhunting and self promotion are free to use. It is the best platform to get your professional CV or company credentials out to potential employers or new clients. So, how do you use Linkedin? Here’s our top 5 tips!

1. Get a profile! Firstly, you will need to get yourself a profile over at Once you have filled in your details you will be sent a confirmation email. You must click on the link sent to you to activate your new Linkedin account. Once its activated, do not hesitate and go and complete your profile!  Completing your profile should include your contact details, current employment position, previous posts, a profile picture, emails for references etc. Make sure you include your skills as these are your most marketable qualities. Put the relevant keywords in for your specialism.

2. Once you have double checked all your details – start networking! This is your opportunity to reconnect with your graduating class or colleagues. Look and learn from their profiles and take note of who they are ‘Linked in’ with. You can optimise your searches to find clients through their industry or location.

3. Reach out to people and start to join and create groups. By using group forums you can demonstrate your expertise. Help answer people’s questions. Help connect other people. Look for new connections of your own. Try and dedicate even half an hour a week to maintaining your network.

4. Interact with others and update your status regularly, but remember, LinkedIn is not like Facebook! Keep it professional and not updates about where you are going tonight or what you are having for tea!

5. Link in to your other professional-use social media networks such as Twitter and Google+. Use the tools Linkedin has to offer to add apps to your account enhancing your profile.

Linkedin is an easy to use site which will aid your business or professional status. Explore all the facilities available on Linkedin and create your own opportunities!

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