Using social media for job hunting


With an estimated 80% of jobs unadvertised what is the best way of finding work amongst today’s stiff competition?

The answer is often who you know. Networking has long been a way of putting out feelers for employment opportunities. And now, with social networking, this is easier to do that you may think.

Here are some top tips for job hunting using social media:

1. If you have a Facebook or Twitter profile make sure you clean it up! Remove anything you would not want a potential employer (or indeed your mother!) to see. Check photo albums, wall posts and status updates. Ensure that you have not said negative things about your current/last employer as this does not promote a very professional image!

2. Ensure on your personal information that you have included information about your current/last role – indicating the job title and industry and any key achievements. You do not have to post your entire CV but ensure the brief information that is on your profile is to the point and outlines your key attributes.

3. Many recruitment agencies are now “tweeting” on Twitter. If you do not already use Twitter then sign up! You can subscribe directly to agency job updates via the RSS feeds on Twitter, meaning that you do not have wait for them to appear on third party websites such as Monster or Totaljobs.

4. Once you have started “tweeting” on Twitter than ensure that you communicate regularly with people and do not leave any conversation posts unanswered. You never know – you may have just ignored the one person who has a job for you.

5. Sign up to LinkedIn. This works like a business version of Facebook. You can quickly create a profile, link to colleagues you work/ed with, then continue linking to other professionals to increase your network. Many recruitment agencies are also on LinkedIn and contact their network with vacancies. You can maximise your exposure on LinkedIn by collecting “Recommendations” that work as online references attached to your profile. With 45 million members it is worth getting yourself on here!

6. Use forums on job seeking websites such as Monster and Other job seekers may have leads/advice for you

7. Create your own website showcasing your skills and examples of your work. Link to it from the other social media sites that you are using and don’t forget to include your contact details!

8. Start a blog relating to your career to show that you have a genuine interest and passion for your area of work. For example, if you work in construction write a blog that talks about industry trends and developments. Put the web address of your blog on your CV. Allow people to comment on your posts and be sure to update it regularly! Try for an easy way to create your own blog.



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