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As we usher in the digital age, having a neatly typed resume is not enough to help us grab our desired profession. A 2013 Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service survey showed that 45% of the human resource personnel that they interviewed have been using social media in order to look for potential employees. Because of this trend, we need to make sure that our online presence is felt and our profiles are palatable to future employers. If you want to be a successful professional in this modern time, here is an article that will teach you how to use online tools for your career building needs.

Participate in Group Discussions and Forums

Richard McMunn, the founder of how2become, suggests that job seekers must show their expertise on a particular subject by sharing their opinions in group discussions. Platforms like Facebook and Linkedin have dedicated pages where you can contribute your ideas. McMunn also advised that “you should demonstrate ideal qualities that are in high demand by most companies today.” You can play as a leader by initiating healthy conversations; or you can be a mediator by promoting a healthy debate among the other seekers.

Inform People that You are Looking

Letting your followers and friends know that you are searching for a job is one of the fastest ways to get your dream job. Posting a status update or tweet about your endeavor can generate responses from your connections. These people can provide information on the latest openings even before they get listed on popular job listing websites. If you are lucky, some of them may even provide useful insights on how to successfully grab a career. Don’t forget to include a hyperlink to your online resume so that prospective employers can easily see your achievements.

Add Personality to your Online Profiles

A rule of thumb when it comes to using social media is to make our accounts professional-looking by curating our posts and removing unwanted images.

Sometimes, people polish their accounts so much that they become devoid of life. An article from Forbes advised that posting baby photos or even an image from a Saturday night party will not hurt our chances from getting hired. In fact, these files can do great wonders because it will show that you are accessible to other people. Sharing some of your personal details will also help companies assess your social skills and personality.

Spread Yourself to Various Platforms

Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin are not the only tools that you can use for career hunting. About.me is also a great alternative because it combines your public bio and all your links in one page. YouTube and Pinterest, meanwhile, help nurture your creative side by letting you post videos, pictures, and interactive media. Spreading yourself across various websites helps increase your online presence.


Social media platforms are powerful tools to help us grab our desired careers. But to benefit out of it, you have to maximize these tools responsibly. Be mindful of the posts that you share and make sure that your profiles are always spot-free so employers will not hesitate to hire you.


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Zoe Allen is a career-driven writer who loves to talk about the various trends in social media and mobile devices. Currently, she is planning to test her writing skills at a prestigious technology magazine. To pass the time, she prepares herself by reading some interview tips at how2become and Blogging4Jobs. You can learn more about Zoe’s adventures by following her on Twitter.




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