Jobseeker New Year’s Resolution – Get organised!


Happy New Year!!

As a job hunter, there is no time like the present for drawing up a list of New Year Resolutions to assist you in your jobseeking goal in 2013. Here are our top tips for a one very important jobhunting New Year’s Resolution….Get Organised!

How many times have you told your work colleagues/friends that you’re having one of those days? Nothing seems to go right? The coffee machine runs out of coffee, your company stamp runs out of ink, and you miss appointments? By being a little more organised you could avoid some of these situations.

In the age of super technology we are able to plan, prepare and present on the go. Mobile phones are not only for phonecalls (believe it or not!) they are also our daily planner, note takers, mini computers to send that all important email. If you are already employed and your company doesn’t provide you with a work phone, it is advisable to get yourself on a good contract where you can manage all your tasks from on portal.

While its good to work on the go be prepared to back up your work regularly in case of a power cut, battery failure or your phone gets stolen. As well as using one of the free cloud services to store all your details from your phone, be sure to have a written copy of your contacts, to-do lists, and appointments so that you never miss that all important meeting.

You don’t just have to use a mobile as portable computer – you can make the most of tablets, ipads and so on. They offer are wide variety of apps and programmes that you can even use in presentations. Surgeons and the police use them in their day-to-day agendas. They could use it to diagnose a scan, an x-ray or to write a to-do list.

I highly recommend writing a list of things that you need to do. I run by lists!

Now, when it comes to to-do lists there is no right or wrong way to write them, but it if you overload your page with menial tasks you could start to feel overwhelmed rather quickly. Try keeping your list between eight and ten items with the most pressing task first. For example a writer may have:

1: Complete chapter Twelve

2: Edit Chapters one to six

3: Send revised chapters to agent

4: Brainstorm ideas for next book

5: Start editing chapters six to twelve

6: Time off

7: Revise the edits from agent

8: Begin works on new novel.

Having a to-do list and a back up of all your appointments is a great way to make the most of your time. Be realistic when it comes to what you can achieve in a day, a week or a month. If you aim too high you will only set yourself up for failure and stress. By prioritising your tasks, you can successfully de-clutter your day, week or month of bad habits. Having good habits in your social life will have positive repercussions in your career. If you have a clear head out of the office, you will have a clear head in the office – so maintaining a healthy lifestyle will enhance your working life.

Make these tips a part of your daily lifestyle and routine and in time you will see and feel the benefit.

Let us know your top jobseeking tips for 2013!


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