Quick Tips for CV Presentation


Here are our top tips for laying out your CV in the best way possible:

1. Do not write “Resume” or “Curriculum Vitae” across the top of your CV. It’s blindingly obvious what the document is!

2. Use either Arial or Times New Roman font. No comedy or swirly fonts. They look naff. Make sure your font is consistent throughout and all of the same size. Ensure headings are a font size larger.

3. Do not use both sides of the paper. People may forget to photocopy or scan both sides of the paper. It’s wasteful, I know, but it’s the way people are.

4. Do not use clip art or cartoons in your CV. It makes it look like a 12 year old has written it.

5. Use high quality white paper. Coloured paper doesn’t photocopy so well.

6. Do not use coloured fonts in your CV.  It looks childish and, again, does not photocopy very well.

7. Don’t fold your CV and covering letter. Make sure you put it in an A4 envelope.

8. Don’t put a photo on your CV. Let your credentials speak for themselves, rather than letting the employer potentially form an opinion about you before you’ve even met.

9. Do a spell check!

10. Don’t underline headings. Again, they can get blurred when photocopied/scanned. Make sure they are a font size larger and in bold


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