Ten questions you can expect when attending an interview.


It is really important to be organised your interview and we have popped together a list of 10 questions we think are quite common to be asked in you interview.


1)  Could you tell me why you applied for this job and what relevant experience you have in this field?

2)  Where would you like to see yourself in the next five years? How do you set out your goals and how do you expect to achieve them.

3)  What is your previous experience and why it is relevant to this role?

4)  What training have you had in previous employment? Have you asked for further training and if so why?

5)  What would you consider to be the most important aspects of this job and how would you prioritise your time?

6)  How would you describe your personality and what benefit has that had with your choice of career?

7)  Have you got an achievement you are really proud of? What is it and why?

8)   What experiences have you had in your career that have been difficult to deal with? How did you overcome that situation?

9)   If you could introduce one extra element into this role what would it be and why?

10)   In your personal life what have you done to further your learning? Have you got a hobby that shows initiative?


So there you are 10 questions you can be prepared to answer!


Don’t forget to leave some time to go through your answers on the evening before the interview.


Have you come across any unusual interview questions? We’d love to hear!



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