Top Questions to Ask at an Interview


Your job interview has gone well. You’ve fielded the questions asked of you; the usual what are your strengths and what are your weaknesses and now comes the killer question that so many candidates struggle to answer…

‘Do you have any questions you’d like to ask us?’

More often than not candidates go blank at this point and ask the same old questions time and time again; what are the chances for career progression, what’s a typical day like and so on and so forth. Really though, this is your chance to grill the people you could potentially be working for – so why not ask some killer interview questions that will make you stand out and show you are thinking on your feet.

For example, why not ask a your prospective employer “how you, as an employee, could exceed their expectations in the job role”? The question shows confidence without being overly brash, while also demonstrating that you have an interest in delivering positive results.

Related to this would be asking “how, as an employee, you could help the company meet its goals and targets”? By asking how your role would directly influence the company shows that you are interested in where you would fit into the equation and by bringing up long-term goals, you are telling the hiring manager that you’re there for the long-run and not looking for a fly by night position.

Another great interview question to ask is, “What challenges have other new candidates faced when starting within the company in similar roles,and what could I do to put myself in a better position to succeed”? This question would demonstrate to your particular line manager maturity and awareness and that you are prepared to deal with challenges and overcome them in the best way for you and the company as a whole.

It is key to remember that as a candidate although it is important to provide a great first impression to a potential employer through a strong CV and a composed job interview, the closing interview can be a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate your strengths and find out whether the business you could be working for fits with your ethos, and is therefore just as important.

Prove to your interviewer that you want this position and you are in this for the right reasons, not simply to fill your day with something to do.

Ask these questions before you leave, and leave your potential new employer with a great impression.


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