What is LinkedIn?


Have you considered the power of social media to assist you in your job hunting? LinkedIn is definitely the best place to start.

Linkedin is the largest online directory for professional profiles hosting over a million members. Hosted at: www.linkedin.com  it is almost like a business version of Facebook, with your CV and work experiences as your profile. Members can upload their pictures to identify themselves to potential new clients and employers. Having your profile on Linkedin means that these potential new clients or employers, could find you when searching your credentials.

Once your profile is live on the Linkedin website you then have the opportunity to say where you have previously worked. With the magic of the internet and the powers that be LinkedIn – they then give you a list of names of people who have also worked at the same companies as you in the past. This is where the networking side of the site comes into play for jobseeking – by ‘linking’ you ‘in’ with people you may know.

You may have heard the saying “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. I happen to think ‘it’s’ a bit of both.  By social networking in a safe and professional setting you have the chance to meet some influential people.

If you have just started your own business, or are looking to expand your existing company, LinkedIn offers you the tools to find contacts within a common industry. You can filter your searches for jobs or when reaching out to candidates. With using some of the extensive tools Linkedin has to offer, you can tailor your news feeds to keep them relevant to you and your profession.

Services offered by LinkeIn are:

  •                  Linkedin Marketing Solutions
  •                  Linkedin Groups
  •                  Linkedin Talent Connect
  •                  Linkedin Today
  •                  Work With Us Recruitment Ads
  •                  Linkedin Platform
  •                  Linkedin Recruiter Professional Services
  •                  Linkedin InMaps
  •                  Linkedin Resume Builder
  •                  Linkedin Recommendation Ads
  •                  Linkedin Career Pages
  •                  Jobs for you Ads
  •                  Linkedin Job Seeker Premium
  •                  Linkedin Recruitment Insights
  •                  Linkedin Jobs
  •                  Linkedin Recruitment Ads
  •                  Linkedin Talent Direct
  •                  Linkedin Talent Finder
  •                  Linkedin Premium Accounts
  •                  Linkedin Recruiter Corporate
  •                  Linkedin
  •                  Linkedin Mobile
  •                  Linkedin Ads
  •                  Linkedin Partner Messages
  •                  Linkedin Events Sponsorship
  •                  Linkedin Answers Sponsorship
  •                  Linkedin Polls Sponsorship
  •                  Linkedin Custom Groups
  •                  Linkedin Content Ads
  •                  Linkedin Display Ads
  •                  Linkedin Company Pages

Another great way LinkedIn is useful, I have found in the past, is the facility to be “introduced” to new contacts. Have a look down the contacts of people you link up with. You may find that your contact knows someone that you would benefit from also knowing. That person (2nd contact, as LinkedIn refers to them as) can be “introduced” to you through the person you know. Just click on “Get introduced” from the drop down under “Send Inmail” on their profile page.

Through show casing your work and skills you are opening many doors to new opportunities. Not only is Linkedin generating more business for your company, it also gets you recognised world wide.


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