Why marketing yourself is important


The days of leaving school and working for a company your entire life are long gone. These days, even the most qualified of individuals and professionals, will work for several different companies and brands during their working life. This is why for most people, those career minded or those merely trying to maintain a decent standard of living, are constantly marketing themselves.

You are an individual and no one can sell yourself better than you can. You’ve got to constantly be putting your best foot forward and advertise yourself, because the guy standing to next to you in the queue…well, he could be the key to your dream job, your Mr. Right, whatever you are looking for right now.

You never know where that next opportunity is going to come from. It could be from your boss offering you a simple promotion, it could be from a person you meet on your lunch break, or it could be from the employee who works for you and then goes to set up his own company. This means you have to sell yourself and let your facets gleam and let everyone know what you’re about, what you stand for and what you can offer. You have to believe what you are saying and conduct yourself with professionalism at all times, even in relaxed settings.

That is an insight into why it is important to market yourself… but how does one go about it?

Firstly, if you look the part on the outside people will generally believe you ARE the part. Dress for the job you want, not the job you have, as my old dad used to say! Looking the part can indicate how professional you are, how organised you are and that you believe in yourself and therefore the company, product etc. Dress appropriately. By this I don’t mean wearing a skirt suit with heels when you are working as the head swim coach of the county. Perhaps add a smart/casual blazer over your sports uniform and don the suit when attending annual meetings. Just take stock that  it is important you look the part at all times, whether at work or elsewhere.

Once you look the part you have to sound the part. With every email and newsletter you send you are constantly selling yourself. Even as the head teacher of a school  sending letters to parents regarding the developments of the school. The parents have to trust in the head teacher that their child will obtain the best education whilst in their facility. Even the head teacher sending  internal emails to staff members has to be professional and informative to gain respect. So, writing properly is key. Avoid text speak and so forth.

Professionalism is of utmost importance. You must try to remain professional at all times as well as remaining approachable and social. Try to come across well and communicate with your peers, your subordinates and superiors. Generally speaking, this means not saying a bad word about anyone! By all means have an opinion and don’t ever be afraid to have one, but opinions and judgments must always be based on sound experience and know-how. This mean you should always do your research and never base your work or opinions on hear say!

For example, a person who writes a website/blog for a living will work daily on several social media sites, building relationships and a rapport with potential clients. Every tweet, or Facebook status will have a cause-and-effect on their social standing status and give PR companies an insight into whether they could work well together. If a person didn’t write coherently and remain proficient at all times they wouldn’t get any work.

You are always you and always individual. You never know when an opportunity may arrive!



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